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A Happy Necessity

Biome is the first probiotic I’ve used whose benefits I can truly realise ….

Fast delivery and good product

My child has been taking the probiotics for eczema and is very effective.

Still waiting

No review available l. Package still has not arrived

Biome Eczema™ Probiotic
Thomas Schmierer
Eczema gone

I had eczema on my wrists that disappeared shortly after taking these probiotics. Dry flakes on my head disappeared as well.

Biome Lift™ Probiotic
Kristi Randall

Biome Lift™ Probiotic

repeat customer

Great product. I buy it for my entire family and they feel a different in their joints.

Biome Lift™ Probiotic
Thomas Schmierer
Never had insomnia, but feel less sleepy during the day now

I've never had insomnia, but I tried the probiotics for a couple of months now out of curiosity. I used to feel sleepy the day after nights of poor or less sleep, but now any sleepiness seems to pass quickly.

Shipment stuck - missing Commercial Invoice

I'm still waiting. Please help get this fixed

Siding with science

With clinical studies citing the value of this probiotic blend, it makes me feel good to take this product from Activated Probiotics. I also like that the freshness is ensured because the easy to take pills are also in light resistant, foil blister packs.

No customer service

My order is stuck at customs and I have tried multiple times to contact your customer service with no response

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