Probiotics - the more, the merrier?



Probiotics – the more, the merrier?


Knowing what dose or strength of probiotic you should be taking can be confusing at best, and the answer really depends on what strains of probiotic you’re taking, and what the research says!

We’re going to help you understand this so that you can feel confident in selecting a probiotic and understand which dose is best.

Probiotics Dosage

Not all probiotics are the same!

Probiotic bacteria are living beneficial microorganisms which, when taken as a supplement, work in the gut to improve our health. There are many different probiotic supplements available, and they all contain a wide range of different bacteria.

These different bacteria are known as bacterial strains, and two strains can be as different as a human and a lemur! This means that each strain is a completely different organism, and will act completely differently in the gut.

Because of their unique genetic makeup, each bacterial strain has a different dose needed to have a beneficial effect.

So how do you work out which dose is right?

Essentially, you need to know if the dose used in the product you’re looking at was selected on the back of clinical research.

The only way to determine the effective dose for a particular probiotic strain is to study them in human clinical trials to see what benefits they offer. The dose used in these clinical trials is the only dose that should be claimed to have a benefit! This is due to a research concept known as ‘generalisability’.

More is not necessarily better.

Claiming that a higher dose will have a more beneficial effect without the scientific data to back it up breaks this rule of research, and is not evidence-based.

A product that says it is twice the strength does not guarantee it will have twice the benefit.

We’ve got your back.

At Activated Probiotics, we’ve done the hard work for you. Our products contain the exact dose that was studied in humans and clinically proven to significantly benefit particular health concerns, including bone health, mood and sleep, immunity, iron absorption and more!

When you’re using our products, you don’t have to worry about choosing between ‘double’ or ‘triple strength’ because we’ve gone ahead and used the best evidence-based dose for you.


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