Activated Probiotics: Our Story & Team


Our Story

We bring decades of research, innovation and passion to pharmaceutical health and precision probiotics.

Biome Australia

The Microbiome health company

Biome Australia develops, commercialises and markets innovative, evidence-based live biotherapeutics and complementary medicines with clinically proven health benefits. It aims to prevent disease, improve health outcomes and quality of life, and make its products accessible to all.

Founded in Australia in 2018, Biome distributes locally and abroad. In partnership with some of the world’s leading organisations in microbiome research and development, Biome produced several unique live biotherapeutic products with innovative delivery technologies that improve their stability and efficacy to create its flagship range of complementary medicines: Activated Probiotics®.

Our Team

Blair Norfolk


Douglas Loh

Chief Financial Officer

Rebecca Edwards

Director of Education

Dr Jaroslav Boublik

Chief Science Officer

Flory Pavli

National Sales Manager

Scientific Advisory Board

Medical doctors, nutritionists and scientists help guide our thinking around the latest research and product innovation.


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