Back to school? Support immunity with specific probiotics



Back to school? Support immunity with specific probiotics

BY BENJAMIN MAKEHAM January 19, 2022

As school starts back up, we are reminded of the increased risk of infection children face in day care settings simply due to the increased exposure and sharing of germs.

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In fact, kids at daycare have been found to have 2-3 times more infections than those that stay at home.
Challenging the immune system with infections during these early years is important for the development of a well-functioning immune system that possesses good immune tolerance. This means that the likelihood for allergic disease later in life is lessened, and their ability to overcome infections at an older age is stronger.
When coupled with a compromised immune system, however, the effect can be infections that are more severe, longer and more likely to recur.
Children who are frequently sick face missing out on important social interactions and education, and increased doctor’s visits and antibiotic prescriptions. Beyond this, parents and guardians face absences from work and financial loss, and kids often pass on their respiratory infections to the rest of the household, compounding the problem.
The gut microbiome and the beneficial bacteria in our guts are the orchestrators of our immune system, keeping our immune cells alert yet balanced.
Fostering a healthy gut microbiota is essential for developing infection resistance and lessening the degree and frequency of common colds.
Particular probiotic strains, beneficial bacteria which can supplement our own microbiome, can offer these benefits to different age groups.
Children have been found to benefit from Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG supplementation, while adults have been found to benefit from Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9 and Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2 in combination.
Biome Daily Kids Probiotic and Biome Daily Probiotic have been formulated with these respective strains in mind, to help enhance immune system function and reduce the frequency and duration of common colds.


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